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What the World Needs Now...

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  • Janey Jang

Protestantism Is a Man-Made Religion Designed to Favor the Elite

Protestantism is a man-made religion designed to keep the elite in power.

Protestantism was started by humanists (McGrath, pp. 40-47, 52, 121-122). Humanism uses philology to create its ideologies (Turner, p. 33). Philology is the study of ancient texts to understand ancient documents used in modern times (Turner, p. 33). Philology uses the literal translations of text (Turner, p. 33). Because Protestantism wanted to give the laity access to the Bible due to the corruption of the Catholic Church, they translated it literally (McGrath, pp. 37-38). This literal translation allowed Protestant leaders to control and impose their orthodoxy (Turner, p. 46), making these translations a product of the elite.

Contrary to McGrath’s (pp. 40-47, 52, 121-122) argument that Protestantism was created by and for the laity, Protestantism was developed by and for the elite. First, classic literature was designed by the rich. Lichty (p. 1) explains that in antiquity, the rich were supposed to use their brains, not physical labor. Second, the translators of classical texts worked at universities and wanted civil rights (Turner, p. 33).

Heck (pp. 31-32) explains that nobody liked paying the Catholic Church bribes. In this way, the protesters of the Catholic Church created a religion where they owed no officials. Weber (p. 181) says that the Protestants taught that giving government too much authority was idolatry. This teaching led to democracy where the people ruled and power was no longer concentrated in the hands of a single ruler (Weber, p. 181).

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