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  • Janey Jang

Rape of the Disabled Like USC Gynecologist George Tyndall Is Accused of Should Be Treated Equally

Yesterday the peace officer for the Department of Consumer Affairs finally came to investigate the sexual assault by a male nurse that had happened to me in February while I was hospitalized. My case was immediately given to Adult Protective Service (APS), which is designed to provide resources to keep dependent adults safe and not, not file criminal charges.

Just because I am disabled does not mean that I should have my rights as an abled-bodied person taken from me, but should be treated as equal under the law. My case should have been treated like the sexual assault of women charging USC gynecologist George Tyndall because it happened during a medical procedure.

My case was never investigated for criminal charges because I am disabled. I filed a police report, and the police never investigated because they said that it was a disability matter and APS should handle it.

However, my case was not disability-related. I had had a bowel movement when a male nurse stuck his finger in my vagina while he was wiping me. Under the legal definition of sexual assault of a dependent adult, the violation must occur as a result of his or her incapacity to protect hisself or herself due to his or her disability. This crime did not occur because I was unable to protect myself because I am disabled.

This crime occurred because a medical professional took advantage of me during a medical procedure. It is the same violation as _ that occurred at USC, and therefore, should be investigated and prosecuted with equal diligence under the law.

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