What the World Needs Now...

..is LOVE, sweet LOVE

Trending news analysis, cultural explanations, Jesus and God's teachings on love, and more.


What the World Needs Now...

...is LOVE, sweet LOVE

Trending News Analysis, Cultural Explanations, Christian and Catholic Religion Teachings, and more...

  • Janey Jang

Uncovering the Truth: Continuation -- The True Meaning of Love Thy Neighbor: Giving

In my last blog, I described how God’s ultimate command to love people was a negative that love is not hypocritical. Today I describe a positive about what love is. Love is serving people to give them the freedom of Christ to love.

Matthew 24:12 describes Matthew 23:1-8 why demanding people do things, which the powerful do not need to do, is wrong. Placing large demands on people without doing the same makes people stop loving, and love is God’s second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:39).

Rather, Isaiah 1:17 says that we need to relieve the oppressed by being a humble servant (Matthew 23:11-12). Jesus explains that a humble servant helps take away the burdens people demand others do in order to get into heaven (Matthew 23:4).

Because Galatians 4 defines freedom as heirs of God when we choose to obey Him and love others, a humble servant must be someone who helps others choose God and love others. Like Jesus, who took people’s burdens by being meek and lowly (Matthew 11:28-30), we should follow His example.

Meekness and lowliness mean not demanding more than we do (Matthew 23:8) and acting entitled. If we do not demand more than we do, that is mercy and forgiveness because we do not think that we are better than others and they owe us (Matthew 18:23-33). Like Jesus did, when He said that He came to save the world, not judge it (John 17:3) because He loves us (John 3:16), we should also not judge others and save people.

Rather, God wants us to teach each other with meekness if someone wrongs us (Galatians 6:1) and not act arrogant because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). God knows that we are not perfect. He only wants us to treat each other well by giving each other life despite the pain we cause each other. By being meek and humble and accepting others with their faults, love becomes giving people the freedom to love.

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