What the World Needs Now...

..is LOVE, sweet LOVE

Trending news analysis, cultural explanations, Jesus and God's teachings on love, and more.


What the World Needs Now...

...is LOVE, sweet LOVE

Trending News Analysis, Cultural Explanations, Christian and Catholic Religion Teachings, and more...

  • Janey Jang

Uncovering the Truth: Love Is a Genuine Behavior

My friends and family say that Giovanni does not love me because he does not do what he wants. For example: He says that he wants to protect me and give me the world, but he cannot protect me 6000+ miles away nor give me everything I want like marriage. I often wonder if love is a person’s intention or a person’s action. Yesterday 1 Samuel 16:7 – the verse of the day – reminded me that love is the loving actions that are honest, not fake.

God is telling Samuel not to look at the outward appearance of people to know their true heart. Actions and appearance can never explain what is happening internally in a person. People have to explain their actions. People have different behavior to express their hearts. This difference is what makes people unique. What is important is to understand how a person’s action expresses that person’s motive.

It is like 1 John 3:18 says “…let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth." It is not enough simply to say you love someone or have faith in love; you must show your love in actions. At the same time, the actions of love that you show must be honest, not a mask or fake so that you simply look as though you love someone. Your actions of love must be genuine.

Giovanni has done everything that he says with what God has given him at the moment. He protects me when his friends bully me on facebook, and he gives me everything he can when he has something I want.

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