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What the World Needs Now...

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  • Janey Jang

Uncovering the Truth: Protestantism Is a Sin

Most nondenominational Christians think that different interpretations of the Bible are acceptable. However, this teaching is not true. Teaching something against God’s word is a sin. Therefore, Protestantism is a sin because it teaches not to love.

I recently started a Bible study with my best friend, Olive’s, sister, Kristi. We started studying Matthew. Matthew 5:19 says “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven.” This verse says that teaching people to sin like you do is a sin, and a sin is anything against God’s commandments (1 John 3:4) to love Him and people (Matthew 22:35-40).

Protestantism directly teaches not to love excessively because it is a sin of the flesh (Weber, p. 181), and Protestantism has ingrained this ideology into US culture. To protect against idolizing humans, Protestants developed majoritarian democracy so that no ruler would have excessive worship (Weber, pp. 181-182), but rules would be for the public good (Weber, pp. 181-182).

However, this democracy only allowed people with so-called “merit” to hold positions of power (Wood, pp. 69-70). It did not create equal conditions for anyone to hold power (Wood, p. 70). The Founders did not want to create equal conditions because that would allow appointments by favor still (Wood, p. 70) and could lead to corruption and idolizing rulers again (Wood, p. 72). In this way, the US system was designed to maintain inequality (Wood, p. 70), and thus, spread the sin of not helping people (Acts 22:35).

By deliberately teaching people not to help others to prevent idolization as the foundation of Protestantism, this religion is a sin.

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